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7 most bizarre things in the world


There are some bizarre things in the world. And, the truth is, even if we said that again, it would still feel like an understatement. And to show you just how really strange and unexpected the things around us can be, I’ve compiled a list of the most chill-inducing places and ideas in the Universe right now.


A dwarf village in China

China is a diverse place, with lots of mega-cities and villages of all kinds. Its inhabitants are hard-working and lively. But there is one place that has us all scratching our heads. Yangsi is located in the Sichuan Province, and surprisingly, it only has eighty residents. Even stranger than this is the fact that half of them are dwarfs.

Some say it was a curse that made them like that, while others speculate it was an unknown genetic disease. But one thing is for sure – sights of many small people have been reported for years in this Province. The Chinese officials have forbidden visitor from traveling to the area, which raises suspicions even more.

Kalachi and its mysteries

Something peculiar is happening in Kalachi, Kazakhstan. The people there can’t keep their eyes open. Some of the villagers suddenly fall asleep in broad daylight, only to remain asleep for a large part of the day. And the scary part is that doctors can’t come up with a reason for why that is happening. In late 2015, scientists found increased concentrations of carbon monoxide in the town, like the one released from burning things, but still can’t explain the mystery completely.


Le Loyon

Switzerland is often associated with serenity and peace. But from time to time, a person dressed in a military uniform, completed by a gas mask that covers his face, seems to be “haunting” the town. The locals have reported sightings of the man for years, and they are terrified of him because he doesn’t speak and he cannot be recognized. Several people speculate that he might have a mental illness or even suffer from a skin disease, which shames him.


Hoia Baciu

For our forth strange thing, we will have to travel to Eastern Europe, in Romania. And no, we are not going to talk about the famous Dracula. There is a forest, which has become synonymous with the word haunted. It is located in Transylvania, in the heart of the country, and it is anxiety-inducing.

People who’ve explored it seemed to have panic attacks from upon entering the grounds of the forest and others have even claimed that they got rashes and burns. What is spooky, is that nobody seems to remember their adventures in the woods when they are asked what happened there.


Space marvels

At number five and six, we will have to travel even further, this time to space. There are many strange things there, but my favorites are the hypervelocity stars. They are the real shooting stars (since what we see in the sky are just fragments of a meteorite entering the atmosphere), which means they are balls of gas that travel through space at millions of miles per hour. What’s cool about them is that the inescapable black holes sometimes eject them.

And the second space object that takes my breath away is 55 Cancri e. Why? Well, because a third of the planet’s mass may be composed entirely of diamonds. And I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to say about it.



And the last strange thing on my list is life itself. I know things got pretty philosophical, but if you strip down everything, you will soon realize just how lucky we are that we exist. Isn’t it strange that our planet is fine-tuned to meet the perfect conditions for life to be possible? Our temperatures are ideal, the air has just enough oxygen, and even our water has the perfect composition so we can not only survive, but thrive too.


The creepiest websites on the Internet


We all know and continue to believe that the Internet is a weird place, where some of the craziest minds let themselves go. While most of the stuff we can find there is surprising and beneficial to humankind, once in a while, we come across websites that scare us to death and keep us up at night.

In a way, these websites remind us that humans can be dark and twisted. Please, if you don’t have the stomach for gore and creepiness, proceed with caution and at your own risk. Down below you have some of the scariest places on the dark web. Some of them might be fake, but others are known for being as real as you and me.

The first website became notorious after the Canadian police arrested its owner. Best Gore is a terrifying place where users upload insane videos of dismemberment, beheadings and other things that will make you sick to your stomach.

There’s no surprise it violated Canadian obscenity laws. Even if the owner is in jail, other users around the world keep the website alive by posting new content daily.

Another website that is just as mind-numbing as the first one is Plane Crash Info. It gives you accident stats, maps, reports, and, apparently, photos and videos and last words of plane crash victims.

You can find even transcripts of the Flight 93 cockpit conversations if you are interested in 9/11 stuff. It is filled with MP3’s of victims screaming and begging for their lives, which is truly disturbing.

Death Map is somewhat tamer than the rest of the sites featured on this list. It shows you a statistical virtual simulation of the people who are dying at that exact moment you’re accessing the web page. However, it also shows you in green dots the babies who are welcomed into this world, which makes this website less sad.

The settings allow you to check even for the religion of the deceased and to choose if you see only the dead or just the living.

Next in line is Divine Interventions, which is not your traditional user-based site, but a sex toy shop with a twist. It specializes in Christianity related sex products, which have sparked a lot of controversies and the Vatican attacked the site due to its content.

And for a good reason, as you can find on the website Virgin Mary dildos, anal beads with Jesus’s face and many other disturbing things, that might even seem funny to people who hate organized religion.

And to finish this list, we present you the crème de la crème. Creepy Pasta is a super famous website, where users submit their craziest theories, speculations and spooky stories. Slenderman originated here, and The Russian Sleep Experiment, which was proven to be real, made its debut in the same place.