According to most people, being a parent is the most rewarding job on the planet, as you get to pick a small bundle of joy and turn it into a full adult with his or her own character, dreams, hopes, and feelings.

It is also said that the first two years of your child’s life are critical as it is now that he or she will discover most of the things. From the first steps to trying delicious food recipes, your child will require most of your time during these two years. So why not make them the best of your life with some great toddler gadgets?

Below you will find a list of the most important features you need to take into account when searching for a great toddler toy along with some of the most eloquent examples on the market.


Safety features

Children ages 0-2 should still be under strict supervision by their adult parents or guardians as there is always the hazard of choking or falling. Thus, we strongly advise you not to purchase toys that can endanger the life of the toddler, such as items with small parts that can be easily swallowed. Avoid puzzles, dolls with accessories, small LEGO parts or any other hazardous toys.

Instead, you can opt for large wooden toys or any other type of toy with larger pieces, including LEGO Duplo, the company’s safe version for children under 3 years old.

Apart from not containing small parts, your toddler’s toys shouldn’t have any sharp edges and parts or be painted with chemical dyes. Keep in mind that babies and small children have very sensitive skins prone to breakouts and irritations.

It is always better to clean all your child’s toys with an organic new cloth to remove any dirt or allergens that could cause further health problems.


Learning toys

As we previously mentioned, in the first two years of life the baby will learn some of the most important things about his or her own body, including how to walk, talk, and eat. Toddlers are extremely perceptive to every noise surrounding them and every day brings a new exciting experience.

The best way to ensure a happy childhood is to provide the toddler with enough learning and fun toys that he or she can use to improve knowledge about the surroundings. In our opinion, some cool toys for 2 year old boys are block towers and cubes.

These cubes are often large and made of wood, beautifully painted with different images or letters for your kid to learn new words. Some of the cubes specifically intended for infants also contain some small toy animals inside to stimulate your kid’s imagination.